No Quarantine Needed Now Traveling To Nepal Is Easy

No Quarantine Needed Now Traveling To Nepal Is Easy

Now it is official that travelers coming to Nepal are no longer require staying in mandatory quarantine. According to the new Nepal Travel updates, travelers who have already been immunized with two doses of vaccines don’t need to stay in quarantine. Therefore, vaccinated travelers can travel to Nepal. However, they need to bring the documents as follows:

  • A vaccination certificate
  • A visa approval letter
  • Travel insurance covering Covid-19

Upon arrival in Nepal, travelers need to do the PCR Test in Kathmandu. After the test is negative, they can freely follow the itinerary of either trekking or a tour in Nepal. In case the report tests positive the travelers need to stay in quarantine.  If you are wondering about the travel status of the non-vaccinated travelers then have no worries. There is good news for everyone. Non-vaccinated travelers need to bring the PCR Test done in their home country no older than 72 hours before leaving for Nepal. They also need to take the visa approval letter. Again, upon landing in Nepal they need to do the PCR test. If it is also negative then they are free to follow the travel plans.

If you require assistance with Visa Approval Letter, we can arrange it for you. This letter is actually the alternative for those travelers whose country doesn’t have Nepali Embassy or consulates.

For the Visa Approval letter following documents are required:

  • A scanned copy of the passenger’s passport
  • A flight itinerary
  • A travel insurance

After receiving the documents, we will provide you with the Visa Approval Letter. The travelers with all the required documents (PCR Test Report, Vaccination Certificate & Visa Approval Letter will quickly get the On Arrival VISA at Tribhuvan International Airport Nepal. And for Indian Nationals, as per the Nepal- India Travel Agreement Bubble, they need to bring a negative PCR test report no older than 72 hours before arriving in Nepal. They do not have to take another PCR test after arrival in Nepal.

Likewise, travelers entering Nepal through land can’t apply for an on-arrival visa. They will have to bring a travel visa granted from the Nepal embassy or consulate offices of Nepal in their home country. This New Nepal Travel Updates in the travel restrictions are welcome things for travelers across the globe. This is also the opportunity for the previous travelers to carry on with their trip plans. It is also a good time to visit Nepal. There will be less traffic in the trekking or tour areas which gives enough chance to experience natural Nepal.

Almost all trekking routes are open now. For the past 6-7 months these trekking routes were filled by Nepalese trekkers. Now after the news the foreigners are slowly fixing the date. We are also happy to welcome all its old and new clients to this beautiful Himalayan nation. The news is not only great for travelers but also the travel planners like us. Arduous times have bygone, and mesmerizing times full of zeal and optimism begin. New Nepal Travel Updates are definitely good news for all.