why karma eco adventure nepal

Why Karma Eco Adventure

Why Karma Eco Adventure Nepal? There are several things that can be done and seen in Nepal and either your way or our way. Your way will show you what you want to see and our way will show you what is necessary for you to see and what will last longer. In Karma Eco Adventure Nepal it is all and all about you and nothing about us and we exist because you have loved and cared for us. We have been in the field of Tourism for over a decade and our combined experience mounts up to slightly over 10 years. In these years we have realized that customer service is the first and foremost thing in our organization.

Karma Eco Adventure’s (Our Guides)

Why Karma Eco Adventure Nepal has highly trained and qualified guides? Not just qualified but they also have an immense amount of experience in terms of trekking in the mountains. You may be thinking what is new about it! We do not just have guides who have gotten the permits and passed the exams but are practical in real life. They know when to have a drink with you and what to assist you with and know the limitations. Once they are offered to be your Guide, they will be there with you all the way. Furthermore, the guides have acquired training in disaster management, high altitude, and also using special equipment.


Your safety is our paramount concern and no matter if you are headed to the remotest destination or the country is going through turmoil, your safety comes first and then the trip. There are several measures taken to ensure you’re as well as your guide’s safety. We do not embark on an adventure without the insurance of thee guides and trekkers. Second, we have specialists for a specific purpose. Third, we register our client and our guide’s name with government bodies in case of emergency.


We offer a variety of destinations and adventures and on top, we offer flexible departures. We are small and privately run tour operators in Nepal and are open to organizing customized trips as well. As we work in a small group we also find time to move around and provide small but important information to all the members which makes it more special.

We are sociology, culturally, and environmentally responsible tour operators.

We are members of KEEP (Kathmandu environmental education project) which abides us to be environmentally responsible while we are operating any tours in the country and elsewhere. We lead by example by not promoting begging, not littering, and overseeing rubbish, by accommodating kerosene and alternative-fueled lodges, and not using banned firewood for making hot showers and campfires. We also are very careful about human waste disposal, using detergent and washing clothes and helping in environment and wildlife conservation in every possible way.