Complete Guide For Adventure Holidays

Complete guide for adventure holidays in Nepal

What to do during leisure time? 2020 is a year full of chaos and uncertainty. What next then? The mind needs proper healing and refreshment after all these hassles. Reboot your soul and get repose from a monotonous lifestyle. Visit Nepal! This is the best way to have a good hideout from every scuffle that you face. As a travel blogger, I assure you that Nepal is the perfect destination for either Tour or Travel. Therefore, in this blog find out everything about “A Complete Guide For Adventure Holidays and Tours in Nepal”

Lots of travel recommendation sites have quoted Nepal as the cheapest destination to travel to. Moreover, travel to Nepal is full of impeccable hospitality and quality services. The worth of every penny spent will be achieved during either trek or tour in Nepal. However, travelers need to plan smartly for it. Nowadays there are lots of freelancers in the travel business. These people are not trustworthy. They either provide below-standard services or overcharge the guests.

How Can We Hire a Guide For Adventure Holidays in Nepal?

Hiring a guide in Nepal is for Adventure Trekking and tours. However, a travel blogger insists all travelers find a trustworthy trekking or tour agency. Having professional and government license-holder agencies ensures safety. There is numerous fraudulence in Nepal, especially in Everest Region. Helicopter Rescue Scams to Guide scams were prevalent a few years back. Therefore, hiring a trekking agency is the best way to travel to Nepal.

Even if having a travel agency is best some travelers prefer to go drift mode. This also provides adventure and thrill. Therefore in this blog, the blogger tries to provide correct guidance for travelers regarding guide hire.

A Complete Guide for Adventure Holidays In Everest Region

Directly book the flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. Once you land in Kathmandu prepare all your documents and get the permits. Once you land in Lukla, you can find numerous guides and porters waiting. Bargain properly as you will find lots of people waiting to serve you. Travelers can do inquiries in surrounding lodges too.

Hire Guide for Annapurna/Manaslu/Langtang Region

The Annapurna region of Nepal has many beautiful trekking routes. You can get guides in Pokhara for Annapurna Base Camp Trail, Mardi Trail and other Pokhara-based trekking trails. For Tilicho or Annapurna Circuit Trek, you can get the guides from Kathmandu.

Langtang and Manaslu Trekking guides are also available in Kathmandu. For Manaslu Trekking you must have at least two trekkers. Solo trekkers are not allowed to trek in this restricted region. Just contact any trekking agencies that you find on the internet regarding the guide. However, bargain properly with them and get as many quotations as possible.

Guide Hire for any kind of Trek and Tour in Nepal

The blogger works for Karma Eco Adventure. Therefore, you can directly ask for any kind of Trekking & Tour cost in Nepal.

Cost of Guide and Porter

Guide: English Speaking Guide 25 USD per Day excluding tips

Porter: 18 USD per Day; Note: 1 Porter can carry bags of two trekkers having 30 kgs or below the luggage