Limi Valley Trek

Trip Facts

Destination: Nepal
Trip Grade: Moderate
Max Elevation: 4,949m
Total Duration: 23 days
Best Time: Spring & Autumn
Group Size: 2+

Karma Eco Adventure Nepal

Boudha-06, Kathmandu Nepal.

Limi Valley Trek

    Personal Information

    Limi Valley Trek has been the underdog of the treks in Nepal although it lies right next to the famed route to Kailash Trek. Trek is less popular. Because it is not beautiful or adventurous but because it lies in the remotest corner of the country. Furthermore, the tea house along the trail are close to null which results in the trek being slightly pricey. Nevertheless, Limi valley trek is one heck of a trek that showcases you the wild side of Nepal, culture unsoiled and dating back to thousands of years and some rare mountains which very few are fortunate to see.

    The entire trek follows the trail followed by the ancient traders. Even in the modern-day, you will be accompanied by mules, yaks, goats, traders and herders. Hence, taking an unused trail or getting off track may result in unpassable terrain. Following the regular trail used from ancient times does not alter the surreal landscape, fascinating culture and the monasteries and way of life.

    Limi valley trek not only showcases you a beautiful and unsoiled terrain but also the folklores and the stories of magic and witches. You would as well enjoy hearing the stories of Yetis, snow leopards and the blue sheep. Furthermore, the Bhutias of the upper Limi valley believed to be the descendants of Tibetans, not only exude an amazing way of life but also enjoy grazing their livestock on the Tibetan side.

    Limi valley trek is truly an adventurous trekking destination, off the beaten and lost in time. Book this trek today with Karma Eco Adventure!

    • Day 01: Arrival in Nepal
    • Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing and trek preparation
    • Day 03: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj
    • Day 04: Nepalgunj - Simikot
    • Day 05: Simikot - Dharapuri 4 - 6 hrs / 270m ascent / 980 m descent
    • Day 06: Dharapuri - Kermi 4 - 5 hrs / 440 m ascent / 100 m descent
    • Day 07: Kermi - Chumsa Khola valley 5 - 6 hrs / 700 m ascent / 60 m descent
    • Day 08: Chumsa Khola - Dharmashala 4 - 5 hrs / 6,00 m ascent
    • Day 09: Dharmashala - Talung Camp 7 - 8 hrs / 1,000 m ascent / 600 m descent
    • Day 10: Talung Camp - Jang 6 - 7 hrs / 450 m descent
    • Day 11: Jang all day
    • Day 12: Jang - Halji 3 - 4 hrs / 400 m descent
    • Day 13: Halji - Til 5 - 6 hrs / 150 m ascent / 50 m descent
    • Day 14: Til - Manepene 8 - 9 hrs / 870 m ascent / 580 m descent
    • Day 15: Manepene - Hilsa 4 - 5 hrs / 300 m ascent / 400 m descent
    • Day 16: Hilsa - Palbang 7 - 8 hrs / 800 m ascent / 1,200 m descent
    • Day 17: Palbang - Muchu 4 - 5 hrs / 50 m ascent / 480 m descent
    • Day 18: Muchu - Chumsa Khola 5 - 6 hrs / 200 m ascent / 260 m descent
    • Day 19: Chumsa Khola - Dharapuri 5 - 6 hrs / 230 m ascent / 740 m descent
    • Day 20: Dharapuri - Simikot 5 - 6 hrs / 980 m ascent / 270 m descent
    • Day 21: Simikot-Nepalgunj
    • Day 22: Nepalgunj- Kathamndu
    • Day 23: Departure your destination

    Day 01: Arrival in Nepal

    Welcome to Nepal! A representative from Karma Eco Trek will receive you at the airport and drop you at your hotel. On this day you will not do much but relax and go around your hotel location. Overnight in Kathmandu.

    Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing and trek preparation

    Thank you for choosing Limi valley trek as your next adventure destination! If you booked this trek long time back your permits are ready before you arrive but if it is a last minute booking you permits will be made on this day. While the back office is busy making permits on the back end, you will get involved in sightseeing some UNESCO world heritage sites. Sometime in the day, you will as well do last minute preparation, packing and purchase if necessary. In the evening you will meet your guide and your guide will brief you about the trek.

    Day 03: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj

    There is flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj all day around and there are several major carriers that serve in that destination. The flight takes around 50 minutes to reach Nepalgunj and once in Nepalgunj you will be transferred to your hotel. Since there are no day flights to Simikot, you will have to wait for early morning flight following day. Overnight in Nepalgunj.

    Day 04: Nepalgunj - Simikot

    You will board a smaller aircraft and an early morning one for Simikot. The destination of around 208 kilometers is covered in just an hour time. Once in Simikot, you will call it a day and enjoy the terrain. Furthermore, you will get acquainted and get ready for next day. Overnight in Simikot.

    Day 05: Simikot - Dharapuri 4 - 6 hrs / 270m ascent / 980 m descent

    You would climb the trail immediately from the airport and become northbound. From past upper simikot and the simikot water supply, the trail drops steeply for the next 800 meters to Masigaon. After such knee crunching downhill trek the crew will stay here and enjoy the lunch before heading to the final destination of the day. Further down the trail, you will walk along Karnali river all the way to Dharapuri. Overnight in Dharapuri.

    Day 06: Dharapuri - Kermi 4 - 5 hrs / 440 m ascent / 100 m descent

    After checking in with the police, you march forward. The trail snakes up and down noticeably and reaches to a huts of yak herders by series of 3 waterfall. From here, the trail gets steep and so steep that yaks and mules are often unloaded to climb the hill. From here, the first proper campground is around 5 hrs away and that is of Kermi. Once in Kermi, you can further trek for around 40 minutes to reach to natural hot springs.

    Day 07: Kermi - Chumsa Khola valley 5 - 6 hrs / 700 m ascent / 60 m descent

    The trail out of Kermi climbs up the ridge and opens to a valley with potatoes and barley. The trail then drops to Chumsa Khola where you might come across the pilgrims to Kailash. The trail traverses through beautiful pine forests, mani walls and prayer flag wrapped cairns. However, you will not go all the way down to Chumsa Khola and part ways to the settlements of wider Chumsa khola valley. Overnight in Chumsa Khola Valley.

    Day 08: Chumsa Khola - Dharmashala 4 - 5 hrs / 600 m ascent

    The day isnt going to be long and the trail climbs steadily from Chumsa Khola. The first half of the trail climbs through beautiful forest of pine and birch covered with mosses. Out the the forest the trail climbs to glacial moraine and further to the expanse of streams that merges in Chumsa Khola. There are 2 camping grounds and you will camp in the Dharmashala by the stream. Overnight in Dharmashala.

    Day 09: Dharmashala - Talung Camp 7 - 8 hrs / 1000 m ascent / 600 m descent

    The day is going to be long and arduous as you have to climb a pass namely Nyu La at 4990 meters. Initially the trail climbs up on grassy hill and then makes its way to moraine. Most of the time, this section of the trail is covered in snow and it is difficult for individuals to find the trail by themselves. On the other hand, the top of the pass is marked with cairns and prayer flags. On a clear day you will be able to view beautiful landscape of Tibet. Furthermore, you will be blessed with the views of Mt. Kailash and Gurla Mandata. Overnight at Talung Camp.

    Day 10: Talung Camp - Jang 6 - 7 hrs / 450 m descent

    From Talung camp the trail follows the shoreline of Tshom Tsho. The head of the lake Tshom Tsho is dammed by Talung and ling Chu and hence, you will have to climb out of Ling Chu before heading out to Jang. From the top of Ling you will see the trail that leads to Tibet and once a very popular village but now abandoned village of Gumma Yok. Overnight in Jang.

    Day 11: Jang all day

    Jang lies at around 4100 meters from the sea level and it is uttermost important to give yourself some rest. Furthermore, the day as well can be used for washing clothes and exploring the area. There are beautiful short hike to the ridge above the village that offers a view of the valley and the village. Furthermore, you can as well explore the only Gompa at the center of the village.Overnight in Jang.

    Day 12: Jang - Halji 3 - 4 hrs / 400 m descent

    This will not be a long day and it is not very difficult as well. After a long previous day, you can take your time to start the day a little late. However, if you start by 9 you can take your time to explore Rinzing Ling Gompa. The gompa is considered to be the most important in entire Limi. From the gompa climbs the trail to a ridge that allows you to sit and observe the views of Halji and its beautiful fields of wheat and barley. Overnight in the basin of river in Halji.

    Day 13: Halji - Til 5 - 6 hrs / 150 m ascent / 50 m descent

    Til is the last village in the Limi valley and since it is a 10 km walk, you should arrive in time to explore it. The trail climbs out of the western side of the village and drops down to a river and then further heads north. Around 3 - 4 hours from the village and you would reach a large flat area with the views of Phupkharka Himal and Spike Peak. This is your campsite for the day. The village of Til is further 20 minutes ascent and the village Gompa is 30 minutes further from the village. Overnight in Til.

    Day 14: Til - Manepene 8 - 9 hrs / 870 m ascent / 580 m descent

    Although the map shows a very short distance from Til to Manepene, the trek takes long time. Be prepared for not a very long distance but a very long day as the trail repeatedly climbs up and down and has some steep ascents and descents. Keep looking for the viewpoint after Lamka Lagna from where you can get the views of south humla and Karnali river raging towards the south. Overnight in Manepene, a campsite with huge rock carved with Om Mane Padme Hum. .

    Day 15: Manepene - Hilsa 4 - 5 hrs / 300 m ascent / 400 m descent

    The trail continues to snake through ravines but far shorter than the previous day. From the trail you will get the views of extended part of the Tibetan plateau signified by small patches of barley field. You will as well see the Simikot - Hilsa road snake up on a hill side. Overnight in Hilsa.

    Day 16: Hilsa - Palbang 7 - 8 hrs / 800 m ascent / 1200 m descent

    Out of Hilsa you will avoid the motor road by descending down to the river and climbing up to Rani Pauwa. It is a very good place to stop and catch your breath as well as turn back and get the final glimpse of the Tibetan land. Further down the trail, you will have to cross over a pass namely Nara la. It takes around 4 hours alone to cross the pass. Beyond the pass comes the compact village of Yari before you finally reach to your campsite of Palbang. Overnight in Palbang.

    Day 17: Palbang - Muchu 4 - 5 hrs / 50 m ascent / 480 m descent

    The trail gets much easier and pleasant from this point onwards. Although the initial phase of the trek climbs through the juniper trees, most of the trail is a downhill walk. You will as well come across frequent settlements and trekkers heading to Kailash. From here on, you can as well accommodate in either basic lodges or camp. Overnight in the banks of river at Muchu.

    Day 18: Muchu - Chumsa Khola 5 - 6 hrs / 200 m ascent / 260 m descent

    This may be one of the most beautiful days of trek in the Limi valley trek itinerary. The trail mostly is along the beautiful blue Humla Karnali river. You will walk from village after village which is traditional and beautiful. You will cross several bridges and descends down a beautiful forest to finally arrive at Chumsa Khola. Overnight in Chumsa Khola

    Day 19: Chumsa Khola - Dharapuri 5 - 6 hrs / 230 m ascent / 740 m descent

    From Chumsa you will join the trail that you had taken on your way up. On this day you will have completed a full circle. Overnight in Dharapuri.

    Day 20: Dharapuri - Simikot 5 - 6 hrs / 980 m ascent / 270 m descent

    You will take a lower route to Simikot but you will have to climb a never ending 900 meters to the top of the hill that overlooks Simikot. From the top of the hill the trail drops directly to simikot. Once in Simikot, your guide will reconfirm the flights to Nepalgunj. Overnight in Simikot.

    Day 21: Simikot-Nepalgunj

    Once in Simikot, your guide will reconfirm the flights to Nepalgunj.

    Day 22: Nepalgunj- Kathamndu

    Transfer to hotel in Kathmandu.

    Day 23: Departure your destination


    • Airport pickup and drop by private vehicle.
    • Welcome dinner at typical Nepalese restaurant in Kathmandu.
    • 3 nights hotel accommodation at 3 star category in Kathmandu inclusive breakfast.
    • All government and local taxes.
    • A comprehensive medical kit.
    • An experienced Trekking Guide, Assistant Guide, Cook, assistant cook and Porters.
    • All accommodations on the trails and full board meals during the trek
    • Best available local lodges/Camping/Homestay /Teahouse in mountain.
    • Accidental and medical Insurance of Nepalese staffs.
    • Domestic flight from  Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Simikot to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.
    • Certificate of trek Completion.
    • Travel and rescue insurance.
    • Lunch & Dinner in Kathmandu Hotel.
    • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters,  Gas shower, mineral water etc).
    • Nepal entry visa fee and airport tax during the departure.
    • In case of natural calamities i.e. political unrest, cancellation of flight due to weather, landslides etc the extra charge should be borne by themselves.
    • Nepal visa which obtained at the airport on arrival (4 copies of passport size photo).
    • Nepal entry visa fee and airport tax during the departure.
    • Tips for trekking crews.
    • Anything else that is not mentioned on what is included.

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