3 Less Known Trekking Routes

3 Less Known Trekking Routes of Nepal

Nepal is home of trekking. It is an ideal place for any kind of walking adventure. Therefore, every year thousands of hikers hike on trails of Nepal. There are numerous famous trekking routes. For example, Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek routes. However, there are other beautiful trekking routes as well. These routes are not popular as mainstream trek trails. Lack of promotion doesn’t mean that these routes are less beautiful. In fact, these routes are splendid. Get to know about 3 Less Known Trekking Routes of Nepal.

Nepal’s Top 3 Less-Known Trekking Routes Are;

  1. Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi HImal the Lesser Known Trekking in Nepal
Mardi Himal Trekking

Mardi Himal is in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Lots of trekkers trek either the ABC trek route or the Poon Hill sector. However, Mardi Himal Trek is equally beautiful. In fact, the route is more satisfying than those two. The major reason for you to do trekking in Mardi is tranquility.

Most of the trekking routes of Nepal are crowded during peak season. If you prefer serenity and tranquility, mainstream trekking routes are not ideal. However, if you plan properly those trekking routes can become serene as well. In fact, almost all trekking routes of Nepal offer great serenity and tranquility.

Trek in Mardi is special. You can get the view of mountains from different viewpoints. Mardi Upper View Point is the best place to get scenes of cascading hills from the top. Annapurna Base Camp is in the sanctuary of mountains. You see mountains above your eyesight. However, the Mardi journey provides scenery of mountains at your eye level. The trek is possible to do within a week as well. It is cost-effective too.

  1. Tilman Pass Trek

Langtang Tilman Pass Trekking Beside Panch Pokhari Lake
Tilman Pass Trekking

Tilman Pass Trek is surely the next mainstream trek route. It is untainted. Hurry up and walk on this trail before it gets crowded. Trekkers can get to experience Langtang, Panch Pokhari and Tilman Pass in one single trekking. However, this is a long detour. Therefore, you have to allow at least 20 days for the vacation. It is truly rewarding.

Trekking is of semi teahouse type. You need to spend some nights in the tented camps. Therefore, wilderness adventure is guaranteed. Relish serene Panch Pokhari, mystical Langtang and challenging Tilman Pass. Pack your bags and head into this trek route.

Shey Phoksundo Lake Trek

a stupa on the way to shey phoksundo national park
Shey Phoksundo National Park

Do you like a blue turquoise lake? What is your requirement for the successful trek? If tranquility, clear sky, green lush forests, rivers, lakes and hamlets are your preferences, join this trek. Moreover, it is slowly becoming a hot trek route in Nepal. So, embark today before it is crowded with people.

Check out a few pictures available on the internet about this destination. You will be hypnotized by the scenery. It is truly a photographer’s paradise. You need to a lot 14 – 15 days of vacation. There is a good arrangement of teahouses now. Hire an agency and trek on this route.