Welcome to Nepal, a landlocked central Himalayan country in South Asia.

Karma Eco Adventure is a leading travel company in Nepal dedicated to help travelers in the country with personally crafted tours and treks. With combined experience of over 10 years, Furthermore, we engage travelers personally to know their requirements in order to make their holidays a reflection of their choice. Additionally, Our passion for tourism and our experience in combined, we make sure every holiday we design for our client is hassle free and enjoyable.

Why Karma Eco Adventure?

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Why Karma Eco Adventure has highly trained and qualified guides? Not just qualified but they also have immense amount of experience in terms of trekking in the mountains.


Your safety is our paramount concern and no matter if you are headed to the remotest destination or the country is going through turmoil, your safety comes first and then the trip.


We offer variety of destination and adventure and on top we offer flexible departures. We are small and privately run tour operators in Nepal and are open to organizing customized trips as well.

Environmentally Social

We are member of KEEP (Kathmandu environmental education project) which abides us to be environmentally responsible while we are operating any tours in the country and elsewhere.

Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

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Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

Short Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal is the most beautiful long detour. It is full of natural wonders and cultural […]

Duration: 10 Days

Karma Eco Adventure Nepal

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Short Annapurna Circuit Trek

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Ultimate Guide for Annapurna ABC Trek

Ultimate Guide for Annapurna ABC Trek

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Mount Everest is an ideally located in solukhumbu district of Nepal

Where is Mount Everest in

Mt. Everest is the epitome of mountain wilderness. It is the highest mountain of the world soaring at an altitude […]

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