Trekking & Climbing Gear

Trekking & Climbing Gear

We, the team Karma Eco Adventure Nepal has listed the necessary things & equipments for trekking & climbing  gear at Himalaya region of Nepal.


1 pair sticks.

1 large plastic bag case of rain.

1 warm sleeping bag.

1 pair trekking shoes.

4 pairs of socks.

1 Rain coat.

1 Down-jacket.

1 pair of long pants and 1 pair of short pants.

3 T-shirts, long and short sleeves.

1 Warm sweater

1 Bathing suit.

Hat/sun hat/gloves.

Sunglass with good eye protection.

Head torch with extra batteries, towel, soap, toothpaste.

Furthermore, The necessary things & equipments for Peak Climbing in Nepal.

“All these are the things & Equipments  you may buy or rented in Kathmandu as well”

Warm climbing trousers.

Climbing boots.


Ice axe.



Ice screws.

Snow bars


Rock pegs.

Helmet (crash hat).

Waterproof climbing jacket.


Lightweight thermal/ insulated ski gloves.

Down high altitude sleeping bag.

Climbing sunglasses.

Lightweight fleece.

Fleece/wool for climbing.