mustang region in nepal

Mustang Region

The Mustang region is often referred to as the Mustang district, which lies in the rain shadows of the Annapurna mountains. This region covers an area of 3,573 kilometers square and has around 14,000 inhabitants.

The region is a subregion of the Annapurna region and is as well a protected as well as restricted area. The northern part of Mustang’s land shares borders with Tibet and hence, any foreign traveler would require a special permit from the government to enter this land.

Mustang region is known as the home of rare Thakali people. People from whom Nepal acquired a famous recipe for cooking special rice, lentil soup and vegetable. Furthermore, Apple Farming also is another popular symbol of identification.

Sacred Place

It was as well known for being the best know apple brandy in the entire country. Other than that, the Mustang region (3,800 m) is a highly regarded pilgrimage. It is for followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Bon. People following the mentioned religion, flock from all over the globe to pay homage to Lord Muktinath (3,710 m).

Two-thirds of the northern Mustang region is the former kingdom of Lo. Lho, also known as Lo Manthang (3,800 m) was a small kingdom under the Kingdom of Nepal until the year 2008. The kingdom got abolished as the country became the republic of Nepal.

Traditions and Himalayan Landscape

Lo is as well known as the Last Forbidden Kingdom and one can see the former king and prince living in their palace in the village itself. Despite all the turmoil that cost them the kingdom, the king still makes it to part of their ceremonies and they still continue their age-old tradition and practices.

This region lies in the rain shadows of the Annapurna (8,091 m) mountains and receives very less or no rain at all. The terrain throughout is deserted and one can only see patches of green or an oasis in the middle of the desert.

People heavily rely on agriculture and trade with Tibet. However, the only plant or harvest in the northern region of Mustang includes potatoes. Barley, millet and a few other crops are also its agricultural products. Other than this you will not see any vegetation.

There is very less animal in the region because of the harsh terrain combined with equally harsh weather conditions. However, the terrain of the Mustang is amazing. It is rejoicing for all the travelers in the region. The region is often around the Annapurna circuit trek.

There are a few trekking trails in the Mustang region namely Upper Mustang Trek and Lower Mustang Trek. If you wish to trek in the Mustang region please follow here!

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