The monastery in the middle part of the grass land at Bhutan


Bhutan is the little tiny dragon kingdom. It is in the South Asian region of the world. The country has beautiful and alluring wonders of Mother Nature and cultural ancient aspects. Karma Eco Adventure Nepal offers various touring and trekking packages in this beautiful nation.

We guarantee astounding Bhutan Tour packages. The nation is culturally rich and geographically splendid.

The country is still in a monarchy rule system. Bhutan has a tourism policy where travelers have to spend a certain amount of money per day. The country also allows only a handful of travelers to visit their country annually. The major attractions of Bhutan are its monasteries, mountains, meadows, traditional markets, etc.

Karma Eco Adventure’s team of travel planners has been successful in knitting travel packages for holidays in Bhutan in a dynamic way. Our packages consist of tours to monasteries as well as walking through the high passes and green lush forests. Major tourist destinations of Bhutan are Paro, Punakha, Haa Valley, Chomolhari, Bumthang, Tsubnapata Lake etc.

Moreover, among many prolific attractions in Bhutan, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is its national identity. In addition, the monastery situated on the edge of the hills is the center of attraction. Every traveler who has been to Druk should not miss a single chance to visit this iconic place. Besides, Karma Eco Adventure offers trekking packages like Chomolhari Trek and travel packages like Cultural Tour.

Book any of the travel packages for a wonderful holiday in the Druk Kingdom. You can inquire to the fullest with the expert travel planners of Karma Eco Adventure. We would do our utmost best to create a hassle-free trip to the tiny Himalayan dragon kingdom.

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