Adventure Tour

Adventure Tour

Adventure in the name itself might make you feel exotic and nerve-tickling. Himalayas, green lush forests, high hills and swift glacial rivers make adventure sports possible in Nepal.

Superlative Holiday in a regal way is possible in Nepal. River sports activities are Rafting, kayaking, bungee, paragliding, and cannoning. Jungle adventure sports include honey hunting, zip flying, cave exploration and jungle safari etc.

In addition to fun, travelers can gain the wilderness adventure feeling. KEA endows Adventure Tour packages to thrill seekers.

Adventure Tour Package consists of various types of activities which you can find on our website as well. Get the best deals for any kind of adventure sport.

Here is some sneak peeks of our various adventure tour options which you can choose for your best interests.

Rafting in Nepal is very famous. It has a plethora of swift glacial rivers. These fast-flowing rivers are perfect for the whitewater rapids. These activities are rafting and kayaking. Rivers like Trishuli Bhotekoshi, Marshyangdi and Seti are perfect for such adventurous stuff.

Paragliding is another visually stunning adventure sports activity to do in Nepal. Professionally and commercially Lake City Pokhara is the major venue for this sport as well. Compared to other destinations; Nepal provides all-around trip chances.

However, in some parts of Nepal during festivals paragliding takes place. Flying like a bird and landing on the shores of Fewa Lake gazing at mountains and dwarfed beautiful Pokhara City is always going to be amazing.

Bungee in Nepal is very unique as the jumpers jump from the suspension bridge towards the raging Bhotekoshi River into the narrow gorge. There is another bungee spot in Pokhara as well. Apart from Bungee adventure admirers can try their hand at cannoning nearby as well.

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white water river rafting tour

01 Day

Rafting Tour is additionally respected in a few sections of the world as white water rapids sports. Nepal is a […]

Rafting Tour

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    Dhorpatan hunting reserve

    11 Days

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is Nepal’s one and only legal hunting reserve to till date. Established in 1987, it covers parts […]

    Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

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      Paragliding in Pokhara Nepal

      05 Days

      When you think of Paragliding in Nepal, the first thing that comes to your mind is the beautiful mountains. When […]

      Paragliding in Nepal

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        mountain flight over the Everest peak

        One-hour (1-hour)

        Mountain Flight One Hour Tour in Nepal is a regal and sumptuous holiday activity. There are numerous places that travelers […]

        Mountain Flight

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