Homestay Tour in Nepal

a local woamn making tea during homestay tour in Nepal

Covid pandemic is both boon and curse for traveling. A curse because it limited traveling. Boon because it increased the urge to travel. Lots of people are raring to travel post covid. During the lockdown, the environment index of the world showed remarkable good signs. It increased the debate about the sustainable tourism concept. The subject is being talked about more than before. Karma Eco Adventure is a responsible trekking agency. As our name suggests, we believe in eco-friendly travel. Among many tours possible to do in Nepal, the Homestay tour in Nepal is the best eco-adventure trip. This is truly eco-friendly.

Every travel can become eco-friendly. The best way to achieve this is to adopt a friendly trip activity. Therefore, Karma Eco Adventure trains its travel crew members to follow the guidelines.

Homestay Tour in Nepal is the Best Eco-Adventure Trip

Apart from the activities style we follow, these destinations are eco-adventure in itself. These places are possible to travel to the fullest only in an environment-friendly way. Nepal is home to a multiethnic community. Therefore, there are numerous villages. You can find lots of places for homestay. It offers a firsthand experience of the traditions and culture. Moreover, these homestay trips are eco-friendly too.

Homestay is an adventure too. Adventure is not always about climbing mountains or cliff diving. It is to live life like a local too. Act like local in the mountains of Nepal. Go fishing or farming with them. For example, honey hunting homestay tours of villages of Lamjung district. Famous homestay destinations are Ghandruk (2,012 m), Ghalegaon (2,100 m), Sirubari (1700 m), Bhujung (1696 m) etc.

Activities to do on Homestay

Nepal Homestay tour is not just about spending overnight in the local house. It is also about living like locals. Go farming with people. Farming in Nepal is still traditional. Farmers use organic manure and traditional technologies. It is so fascinating to use an ox cart to plow the field. Plant organic things and participate in the process.

Fishing is another activity. You can participate in traditional fishing with locals. It is so fulfilling to fish in the glacial white-water rivers. Moreover, you will find surprisingly good taste as well. It is the experience of different levels. Honey Hunting is another adventurous activity. You can mingle with locals and participate in hunting wild honey.

There are numerous other things you can do in Nepal. Let’s promote sustainable tourism in Nepal. An eco-friendly way of traveling is the only way. Come and live like locals and experience Nepal in a different way.