Why Nepal Eco Trek Adventure?

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Why Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure? Nepal has been attracting lots of trekkers across the globe. The major reason behind this is the Trekking and Tour cost efficiency while visiting Nepal. Moreover, mountains, water resources, forests, and multi-ethnic people’s cultures attract people to this Himalayan nation. As the number of trekkers has increased the socio-economical standard of the remote as well as city people of Nepal has improved. Even if the life standard has increased the threat to nature and the environment is there. The alarming report of garbage on the Everest Expedition Trail suggests the same.

Moreover, as trekkers reach far and wide they are needed to be provided with all kinds of amenities. Once the crowd gathers litter is bound to happen. Encroachment of human beings into serene natural settings is definitely narrowing the essence of nature. Lots of tea houses/lodges on the trekking trails use the non – renewable materials. These things have piled up the garbage in the Himalayas and difficult terrain.

Environment-friendly Tourism in Nepal

Fresh equipment is hard to take up in the Himalayas. Moreover, these things are equally hard to dismantle. It is basically due to the climate and geographical difficulties. Therefore, it stays in the place without decaying. The problem is slowly eroding the beauty of the host destination. A very responsible and future-oriented trekking and tour agency in Nepal must support the Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure Packages. Every trekking and tour package if conducted in an eco-friendly way sustainable tourism can be achieved.

Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure means a tourist activity organized with a major focus on environmental protection. Eco refers to Ecological. Every tourist activity must not disturb the ecological balance of the surrounding. For this, the agencies, guides, porters and guests must become aware. There are reports of Waste Mis-Management in the high altitude of Nepal. As recently Nepal Government spent millions on cleaning the Everest Expedition Route. If every traveler follows the ecological way of traveling these things can be saved.

What can you do to make Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure Possible?

If you pay it is your right to visit any destination. However, with every right come duties. Use of the renewable and decaying equipment and substances is highly appreciated. Always keep the personal garbage in your backpack and dump it at the right places. Smaller steps are what make bigger projects successful. Follow the proper standard guidelines set by travel agencies.

Finally, no matter what you do if you don’t love the natures you are living then you are no longer a human being. The gigantic mountains of Nepal are slowly losing snow. It is all because of the pollution and greenhouse effect. If the Nepalese Government, Trekking and Tour Agencies, as well as the concerned people, do not give proper attention to Nepal’s Trekking & Tour business will be doomed.

Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure ensures the continuation of these prolific attractions of Nepal for more years to come. It is highly recommended. If not then in the next 10 years we might start to see barren mountaintops instead of snow. We might see the barren hills without the green lush forests. For the sustainable tourism development and social-cultural promotion of Nepal, it is highly needed. Furthermore, Nepal Eco-Trek Adventure definitely deserves at least a consideration.