Where is Mount Everest in

Mount Everest is an ideally located in solukhumbu district of Nepal

Mt. Everest is the epitome of mountain wilderness. It is the highest mountain of the world soaring at an altitude of 8, 848 meters from sea level! Almost everyone in this globe knows about the legends of this gigantic peak. However, few still have the lingering question on their head – Where is Mount Everest in?

For mountain admirers, thrill seekers and climbers or trekkers the Everest is at the core. The mountain also known locally as Sagarmatha is at the Solukhumbu district of Nepal. According to the international documents and facts some parts of the mountain lies in China as well. However, the crest is in Nepal.

Nepal is Himalayan country having plethora of snow-capped mountains. More than 19000 mountains are present in this tiny landlocked nation. The country sandwiched between India and China has numerous cultural and natural prides. One of them is Mt. Everest. Similarly, the country is home of other 8 mountains including Everest out of top 10. These mountainous statistics show that the country is full of mountain wonders and grandeur’s.

This has propelled the tourism of Nepal towards further glory. Especially the activities like trekking, expedition and peak climbing are popular throughout the globe. Every year thousands of visitors performs these activities.

Some people mistake Nepal as the mountainous country only. However, the country is equally blessed by the diverse culture. Multi-ethnic communities have different norms, values and festivals. Their unique lifestyle and custom have made Nepal the courtyard of different styles of celebrations. Moreover, ancient palaces, temples, stupas and statues have made country the heritage tourism destination too. The birth place of Lord Buddha, second highest country in terms of water resources and presence of mountains etc. are the identities of Nepal.

UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES, unique climate and mountains are pride of this nation. Even if there are many facts about Nepal, the country is known around the world is that it is an abode of world’s tallest mountain – The Everest.

Mount Everest Located in South Asia, Nepal

Lots of foreigners ask question in abroad as “Where is Mount Everest in?” I get these questions a lot whenever I introduce my foreign friends regarding the mountains of Nepal. Therefore, I am writing the full the details regarding the location of Mount Everest. The Everest is part of the Mahalangoor Himalayan Sub Range.

It is in the border between Nepal and China. Most of the parts of mountain are at Nepal. However, the northern ridge is at China and the southern ridge along with the summit is at Nepal. The mountain is part of Sagarmatha National Park. It is in the Solukhumbu district. In Chinese part the mountain is at the Xigatse region.

How can you reach?

Trekking is very popular in the southern side of Everest i.e. Nepal. The Base Camp of Mount Everest in the northern ridge is accessible via overland transportation. However, the southern part is accessible through helicopter or by walking. Everest Base Camp Trekking starting from Lukla or Jiri is very famous worldwide. This is the only way of reaching Everest by walking. You can take helicopter ride too either from Lukla or Kathmandu.

So, what is the new/old height of Mount Everest?

There were several measurement expeditions in the past. In fact, lots of controversial figures surfaced around regarding the height of Everest. Finally, in the year 1955 the Indian survey did the measurement. Later on, the Chinese survey of 1975 validated the exact altitude – 8,848 meters. The advancement in technology however continues to produce differing results.

Whatever the measurements are there is no denying in any reports that Mt. Everest is the highest peak of the world. If you are still confused and have the question “Where is Mount Everest in?” Please contact this blogger or Karma Eco Adventure Nepal. We will brief you in detail about the Everest and its surrounding.