New Height Of Mount Everest

New Height of Mount Everest is now 8,848 meter

Officially the new height of Mount Everest is 8,848.86 m from sea level. The government of Nepal and China jointly agreed and announced the new altitude. Therefore, from now on the pinnacle has increased further more by 0.86 m.  There were differences in the measurement style among Nepalese and Chinese officials. They couldn’t agree on the new height. According to Chinese officials, measurement should include rock only. However, Nepal considered snow cap too.

It is believed that in every century the height of the mountain increases by a meter. Here are are the few facts which is related to the height increment of Mount Everest (8,848.86 m).  Before writing about the reasons of height increase the blogger also wants to highlight that earthquake can decrease the height of mountain. Therefore, the doubt of Everest’s height decrease was there among people due to 2015 earthquake.  Lots of smaller peaks including the Langtang Himal has its height decreased due to earthquake. Therefore, the two-government decided to measure the height together.

Reasons for New Height of Mountain Everest 8,848.86 m are as follows.

Geological Instability

It is obvious that the height of mountain changes. The shift in the tectonic plates of the earth can lift the mountain slowly throughout the year. Similarly the earthquake can decrease too. In case of new height of Mount Everest 8,848.86 m the countervailing forces helped. The nature stroke a balance after massive earthquake in Nepal.

How was Mount Everest re-measured?

Both countries (China and Nepal) measured the height of the mountain. Nepalese team set up the satellite navigation marker on Everest’s Peak last year to calculate the exact position using GPS. The Chinese team also took the similar approach.  Nepal used the modern laser instrument. It is called theodolites. However, Chinese team used the Beidow constellation navigation and other equipment. Nepal placed the ground penetrating radar too. This helped to record the amount of snow and ice on the tip of mountain.

Whatever is the case, good news for trekkers is that the challenge has increased. It is much more interesting now. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to do either Everest Region Trekking or climbing expedition.