When to Hike in Nepal

When to hike in Nepal

Nepal is an ideal place to Hike throughout the year. The country is rich in weather and seasons. It is one of the few countries across the globe which experiences four seasons. Surprisingly the variation of climates is completely different at different altitudes. This has resulted in the formation of different vegetation styles too.

The lowlands of Nepal have a subtropical climate; the altitude is 600 – 1200 m. The Hilly Area ranging the altitude from 1200 to 2100 m has a warm climate. The cool temperate climate is experienced in places between 2100 to 3300 m in height. Alpines are in the zone of 3300 to 5000 m and Tundra is at 5000 to 8848 m.

If you want to Hike in Nepal, every season is mesmerizing. However, September to Mid December and March to May time is considered the best time to Trek or Hike.

Autumn is the Best Season to Hike in Nepal

The months of September, October and November is the best time to do hiking in Nepal. The visibility of mountains, cascading hills and clear weather is during these months. The temperature is also mild with warmer days and colder nights. The force majeure/natural disaster risk is also at a minimum during this time of the year. Moreover, the biggest festival of Nepal the Dashain and the Tihar falls within this season.

It is the best time to experience the grandeur of Nepalese culture as well as the wonders of Mother Nature.

Spring Season is the Greenery Filled Warmer Season

March to May is the spring season for hiking or Trekking in Nepal. You can get the chance to encounter blooming flowers, green lush forests and splendid mountains in clear weather. The best thing about the spring season is the morning time. Mornings are always clear during this time of the year. Therefore, for the sunrise and sunset experience, I highly recommend this season.

I hope that you got your answer to When to Hike in Nepal. These two seasons are best. However, every season is equally mesmerizing. You will not regret hiking in Nepal at any given time of the year.

Pack your bags and hike to Nepal. You will have a splendid holiday in Nepal.