Coronavirus and Travel to Nepal

Coronavirus and Travel to Nepal

Lots of people are asking about the situation of Nepal in terms of Coronavirus and Travel to Nepal.  Luckily there are no traces of virus seen in Nepal. So far there aren’t any cases of virus affected patients in Nepal. Therefore, it is safe to travel to Nepal.

International Airport, border security and Nepal Government are doing commendable job in preventing the virus outbreak in Nepal. There are lots of screening for the foreigners entering Nepal either air or land. Even if the virus has not affected the people the economy is hit very hard. Moreover, the Tourism industry of Nepal is the victim of Covid – 19 Virus Infections worldwide.

Nepal Government’s Visit Nepal 2020 project is also in jeopardy. Lots of travelers have cancelled their trip to Nepal. According to the tourism entrepreneurs of Nepal, about 55 % of tourists have cancelled the trip to Nepal.

Is There Any Effect of Coronavirus in Nepal’s Tourism Industry?

The country highly relies on remittance and tourism. The virus outbreak is slowly stopping worldwide but its economic impact is evident. Lots of the trekking and travel agencies which are based on Chinese as well as Asian market have been hit hard. Tourism organizations of Nepal fear the worst Spring Season ever in Nepalese Tourism history.

Lots of my friends and clients ask me about the situation in Nepal. The usual question is about Coronavirus and Travel to Nepal. My honest answer is that Nepal is safe to travel.

As tourism personnel I would like to personally wish that all the patients get well soon. May this outbreak stop soon and we will have an amazing Vacation in Nepal.

Without any kinds of fear please visit Nepal. The country welcomes all the travelers whole heartedly. If you want to personally talk with us you can call on office hours. We are all ready to give you first hand information about Coronavirus and Travel to Nepal.