Visit Nepal 2020 with Karma Eco Adventure

Visit Nepal 2020 with Karma Eco Adventure

Nepal is celebrating the “Visit Nepal 2020” with Karma Eco Adventure as the tagline of “Lifetime Experience”. Tourism in Nepal is still in its infancy. However, in the short history of the tourism industry in Nepal, the country has become one of the leading and highly recommended holiday destinations. Nepal celebrated the first official campaign for tourism development back in 1998.

After its success government then launched Tourism Year 2011. These two campaigns really fared well. It helped to promote Nepal as the best holiday destination. Therefore, Nepal Government has launched “Visit Nepal 2020” With Karma Eco Adventure. The major theme of this campaign is to provide the “lifetime experience”.

Visit Nepal 2020 with Karma Eco Adventure 

Karma Eco Adventure is highly dedicated to contributing to sustainable tourism in Nepal. In order to make this campaign a huge success, our travel planners have knitted the best itineraries. Moreover, We have created various tour, trekking and Peak climbing packages for travelers to enjoy. These tours and trekking are knitted with exceptional itineraries under different themes at promotional rates.

A plethora of Himalayas, multiethnic culture, diversified vegetation and varied landscape have made Nepal the most astounding holiday destination. As well as, The nation is blessed by Mother Nature and grandeurs of ancestors’ architectures/cultures. The world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha are the major selling point of Nepal.

Major Reasons to Visit Nepal;

This is the identity. However, there are plenty of things to do in Nepal. Visit Nepal 2020 with Karma Eco Adventure will be mesmerizing. However, Find out the various reasons for you to choose 2020 as the year for a marvelous holiday in Nepal. Here are the major reasons for all travelers across the globe to visit Nepal during the 2020 Visit Nepal Campaign:

1. Promotional Rates Directed by Government

For this campaign to be a grand success Nepal Government has issued the whipping to all the concerned stakeholders of the tourism industry in Nepal. The whip is that all trekking and travel agencies must offer promotional rates for the trip. Accommodation, Transportations and Tourist Shops must also follow the directives. These whips ensured that the guests get the best rates and good services. This will undoubtedly support in gaining the result as quoted by the government the “lifetime experience.

2. Upgraded and New Destinations

2015 earthquake tolled many lives and properties in Nepal. Lots of the trekking routes and architectural durbars were destroyed. These destinations and trails are under renovation. Almost all trekking trails are back in the best condition. Various UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES are still under renovation. It is estimated that by 2020 these works will be finished. Experience the new revamped destinations of Nepal.  

3. Hospitality Spirit and Tourism Drive Throughout Nepal

Nepalese people are hereditarily courteous and well-mannered. Everyone regard tourists as guests and god. Our traditions also ensure this fact. Even more, the campaign has ushered and motivated the people of Nepal to be more hospitable.

4. Hospitality Training to Locals

The local Government of Nepal has initiated various training for the people of the region. In order to create the best environment for travelers while visiting Nepal, formal training is required. Locals are keys to providing a lifetime experience to guests. This ensures a professional approach toward tourism in Nepal.

5. Production of Trekking and Tour Guides

Nepal Government has issued many guide licenses aiming for 2020. Highly qualified guides are in abundance. Therefore, travelers will feel more secure. Karma Eco Adventure ensures great moments. We are fully on the side to make Visit Nepal 2020 a Lifetime Experience. Therefore, contact our travel experts. Discuss your travel plans and create a memorable holiday in Nepal.