Nepal Trekking Guide

nepal mountain trekking guide service

Hiring a Nepal Trekking guide in Nepal can be very tricky. You might end up with illegal and very illiterate trekking guides or tour guides in Nepal. Or you might get outstanding guides for the momentous holiday arrangement for you in Nepal. Therefore, hiring a guide could decide the fate of your holiday experience.

Karma Eco Adventure would like to assist you to make a stupendous vacation in Nepal either for trekking or tour. Guide Hire services are not new in the field of Nepal Tourism however most companies rely on part-time guides and they can’t afford to provide these services to travelers visiting Nepal.

Professional Sherpa Trekking Guide in Nepal

Karma Eco Adventure Nepal has a wide range of trekking and tour guides in Nepal. We have highly qualified Nepal trekking guides and tour guides. For city tour guides minimum Bachelor’s Degree and proficiency in the language are needed. Therefore, we have handpicked guides with different qualities and expertise. You can find multilingual guides (English, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish & French) as well as multicultural guides (Sherpa, Chhetri, and Brahmin & Lama). For the trekking guide, any new trekkers should heed the instructions of the experienced trekking guide.

While traveling with the more experienced trekking guides’ one can get an authentic and high degree of information about culture, mountains, hills, landscape, and surrounding environment. It also helps in proper acclimatization and avoids the threat of altitude sickness. Therefore, without hesitation choose our Guide Hire services for the holiday in Nepal.

Just dream about walking and touring on the lap of the Himalayas and historical UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites; we make your dream a reality. Choose Nepal trekking guide and tour guides of your interest by choosing our Guide Hire services package. We will provide you with the most talented and outstanding guides for a hassle-free vacation in Nepal.