Upper Mustang Tiji Festival

upper mustang tiji festival

Nepal is a culturally rich destination and multi-ethnic group community in South Asia. Each and every community has its own language and culture. Upper Mustang Tiji Festival is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Lo- peoples in Lomanthang (Upper Mustang). Moreover, It takes normally place around the mid-month of May and carries out 3 days of sacred holy mask dance continually by the monks of Chhode monastery based on the yard of Lomanthang royal palace.

During the Mustang Tiji festival, you may notice that all Lomanthang square towns full filled with prayer flags and Buddhist monks are draped in brown robes and Khada is a common sighting. According to mythology, the deity namely Dorjee Zon battled with evil forces to save his nation the Buddhist Kingdom from demolition.

The Trans Himalaya land Lomanthang remains a kingdom that was a part of the Tibetan Kingdom of Gunthang until 1830. This tradition Upper Mustang Tiji festival starts in the 17th century, by the king Samdup Rabten in Lomanthang. He occupied Mustang Chhode monastery and executed exceptional Vajrakila ritual well being of sentient beings and disbanding negativities portion in Upper mustang area.