Secret kingdom of Upper Mustang

Secret Kingdom of Upper Mustang

Secret kingdom of Upper Mustang is a unique land mass engulfed by the high Himalayan Mountains which almost completely encircle the region. It is a desolate place with few trees and desert-like terrain. This rugged region was in the past forbidden to enter up until the 90’s, but now is available to experience its serene beauty.

Despite the harshness of the conditions of the environment, you will not find a people as hospitable and kind. Due to its geographical and political isolation, the language and culture of the area have remained intact and the influence of the outside world seems to come at an indolent pace. The well-preserved culture is obvious through the manifestations of the traditions and practices of the local residents. At the same time, ominous ruins and empty caves remain dormant, yet speak of the civilizations of the past. The people are industrious creating lush green gardens that pop out against the backdrop of the brown, arid turf. The people are often busy in their daily chores, but ensure that time is made to celebrate the various yearly festivities.

One of the unique festivals of Upper Mustang is the Tiji festival which celebrates the salvation of the land. It lasts for 3 days, and is filled with colorful dancing as villages from all around gather together in the square of Lo-Manthang to spectate. Secret Kingdom of Upper Mustang is a beautiful remote destination filled with the most welcoming of people and is just waiting to be experienced.