Mardi Himal Ultimate Guidebook for Trekkers

Mount fishtail Himalaya Ultimate guidebook and tips of Mardi Himal high camp

If you are looking for an easier trek that can be safe yet fulfilling, the Mardi Himal Trek is the right choice. Better to trek in the autumn season, Mardi is clearly becoming the fan favorite.  Mardi Himal Trek is better known to be on the eastern side of classical Annapurna Base Camp. The Mardi Himal trek lies in closer proximity to Machapuchre (6,993 m) and Mardi Himal itself.  It has not been long (since 2012) since the government opened up the trail for the common people. Today we will be talking about Mardi Himal Ultimate Guidebook for Trekkers.

The Difficulty Level of the  Mardi Himal High Camp Trek

One of the biggest aspects that every trekker focuses on is the difficulty of any trek. Talking about the Mardi base camp trek, it is quite easier.  Anyone who is willing to do the acclimatization trek can easily do the Mardi Himal trek. Being an easier trail to walk through anyone with altitude sickness can easily come down quickly. Although the Mardi Himal Trek is not too high being physically weak can easily be challenging for any trekker.

Time Taken and Best Season for the Mardi Himal Trek

It is very important to know what is the actual time taken for the Mardi Himal Trek. If you have limited time and resources, the Mardi Himal Trek is the way to go. In total, you will need to differentiate a week for the trek. Excluding the arrival and departure from the place, you can easily make it into the successful Mardi Himal Trek within a week. Meanwhile, the itinerary can also be customized as per need.

The forest on the way to Mardi Himal High Camp Trek
The Forest During Spring Season in Mardi Himal

What’s important to notice is the fact that places like Poonhill and Ghandruk also lie on the way toward Mardi. Most of trekkers love to visit Ghorepani Poonhill and Ghandruk. As a result, the days can be extended according to it. Talking about the best season when you can make it to the top, well it is easier. With the months from March to May and September to November being the best seasons, you can do the trek at the same time.

There is no fixed time when you can do the trekking. Some people love the thrill of the winter season while others are in awe of the summer days. But the best months are majorly between March to May. While the night temperature is around 5 degrees Celsius. With the presence of rhododendron along with wildflowers, the journey to the end is pretty easy and peaceful.

Permits and Needs of Porter Guide

Having an interest in trekking isn’t enough at times. In the case of trekking for the Mardi Himal, trekkers will need to have a variety of permits to start. The trekking permit starts with Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) card. Similarly, the trekkers will also need Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit. To add up the passport, insurance details and photos are a must.

A lot of the trekkers who come to Nepal have a common question. Do we need a guide? Well, the answer for the Mardi Himal Base Camp trek is a no. You wouldn’t need to have any guides. Well-made white and blue strips on the trail of Mardi Himal will take you to your destination. Until and unless the Mardi Himal Trek is the first trek for you, there isn’t much need for a tour guide.

Things required for the Mardi Himal Trek

It is fair to say that almost all of the treks have a similar kind of need and necessity. You need to be packed with the most needed items on the way. Talking about it, thermal clothes, warm socks, jackets, jumpers, gloves, etc. are necessary.

Along with that, you will also have to carry the necessary spare batteries, water bottles personally, and also the right pair of shoes. It is necessary to have your own personal sleeping bags and also the poles that can make the walk to the top easier. Besides, try and carry limited items as the trekking trail can be challenging with the frequent changes in the weather. The right motivation will trek will surely help you to reach the top.

Cost of the Mardi Trek

It is compulsory to know what is the actual cost of the trek no matter where you go. The Mardi Himal Trek will not cost you on the expensive side which is a big plus. Enthusiastic trekkers need to find out a week of time from their busy schedules. In the case of Nepal, every trek depends upon the season. Cost and also the time taken for Mardi Himal Trek are solely dependent on the season you choose.

Typically, the cost of an off-season trek will start from US $ 375 to US $500. Furthermore the more you stay, the higher the cost of the trek will go for the trekkers. The basic cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner will come from US $50 to US $100. Meanwhile more the trekkers, the higher will be the price of the overall trek. It is easier to say that, the Mardi Himal Trek isn’t as expensive as other treks in Nepal.


It has been more than a decade since the trail for Mardi Himal has been opened for the general people. Generally known as the easiest trek, Mardi lies at an altitude of 5,587 m. For someone with experience in trekking, this isn’t a tough task at all. From the time taken to the cost, trekkers should be careful about small attributes. Flowers on the way to go with the beautiful Mount Annapurna can make the trekking experience wonderful for the people visiting the Mardi Himal.