Nepal Ban Solo Trekking from 1st April 2023

A solo trekking ban in Nepal from 1st of April 2023

Nepal is a country with a diverse geographical landscape. The presence of mountains, hills, and flatlands has made it heaven for trekking and hiking activities. However, the Nepal Government has changed the rule for solo trekking in Nepal. The rule will be implemented from 1st April 2023.

According to Nepal Tourism Board, in 2019 only about 50,000 solo trekkers trekked in the trekking routes of Nepal. According to an article published on various international news sites and RSS (Official News Agency of Nepal), the decision was made by NTB (Nepal Tourism Board). The rule change provision is confirmed by the Director of NTB Mr. Maniraj Lamichhane.

As the news broke out, there were mixed emotions among trekkers willing to visit Nepal. Some believe that the efforts help to increase trekker safety. There are a few sections of people who believe that the rule change can have an adverse effect on Nepalese Tourism.

What is the new Nepal Travel Guideline Post April 1st, 2023?

After 1st April 2023, Solo Trekker will not get a permit to trek in the trekking routes of Nepal. Either an individual or a group has to mandatorily take the permit from the Nepal government-registered Trekking Agency. Moreover, they must be accompanied by the Licensed Guide. Earlier the provision was for the Restricted Trekking regions only. For example, solo trekking is prohibited in places like Upper Mustang, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Limi Valley, Nar, and Phu Valley of Nepal.

All the other guidelines are the same as before. The only change is the prohibition of solo trekking without a licensed guide. As a Tourism Entrepreneur, Karma Eco Adventure Nepal would like to present its views on this via the blog. Here are the positive and negative impacts of the rule change “Nepal Ban Solo Trekking from 1st April 2023“.

Negative Impacts of Solo Trekker Ban in Nepal

For years Nepal has been the number one destination for solo trekking and for drifters. Friendly people of Nepal have made it possible for solo trekkers either male or female to safely trek the trekking routes of Nepal. However, unknown geographical terrain can be fatal for some.

The rule change has halted the plans of countless budget solo trekkers. Drifters who saved a few sums of money may have to alter their plan in order to pay for the guide fee. If you have a plan to do trekking in Nepal; contact a reliable trekking agency (Company) now and negotiate the terms and conditions to hire a guide. Regardless of the situation, trekking in Nepal is always rewarding.

Positive Impacts of Solo Trekking Ban in Nepal

Nepal is blessed by Mother Nature and its diverse cultural grandeur. However, there are many areas within Nepal that are geographically strenuous and in high altitude places. Solo trekking in high altitudes and less habituated areas may bring lots of incidents. Hundreds of solo trekkers were stranded and lost in the mountains of Nepal. The trip success rate with a guide is way higher than the trip success rate without a guide. Moreover, hiring a guide can help trekkers to relish the attractions of Nepal without any logistical hassles. Travel hassle-free.

The latest rule change provision can help the Nepal Government to track the movement of trekkers. It is helpful in prompt rescue operations as well. Don’t worry about the rule change. By hiring a guide, leave all your hassles to be taken care of by the guide. Relish the splendid beauty of Nature. Travel with a reliable trekking agency and avoid any kind of scam. The rule change can usher in a new phase in sustainable tourism development in Nepal.

I would like to personally ask all my patrons and travelers across the globe to accept the new rule change for trekking in Nepal. Help us in creating a safe trekking environment and achieve sustainable tourism development in Nepal. Please contact us for any kinds of queries you have regarding Nepal Travel guidelines. Our travel planners are 24/7 available to quench your queries.