Kathmandu Lukla Flight Weight Limit

a bag pack limit of kathmandu lukla flight while trekking to everest base camp

Flight to Lukla is an amazing adventure. Moreover, it is the journey to the world’s most extreme airport. Do you know that Lukla airport is the result of the great action of Sir Edmund Hillary? Sir Hillary bought land in Lukla for the airport. He made all the local Sherpa dance on the runway to make it even. No wonder, Sir Edmund Hillary is one of the most prominent figures in the field of Nepalese tourism.

If you are on a Lukla Flight, be careful of various things. However, the flight is equally mesmerizing. It is equivalent to a Mountain Flight tour in Nepal. Therefore, it is a double whammy for travelers. Moreover, Lukla is the gateway to all the Everest Trekking trails.

What happens in Lukla?

In Lukla, trekkers meet the crew members. All the local Sherpa and porters are assembled in Lukla. They will arrange your luggage and embark on the trail. It is the final and first starting point of any Everest region trekking. Therefore, it is significant. You can enjoy yourself with the crew members on your last day on Everest. This place is vibrant as it is the trailhead.

What is the Kathmandu Lukla Flight Weight Limit?

Yes, there is a limit on the weight while traveling to Lukla from Kathmandu. Regular planes can’t travel to Lukla. Therefore, twin otter planes make the trip. The airstrip is challenging. Moreover, the way also is treacherous. There are numerous cascading hills on the way. You can see numerous mountains from the sight of aircraft. However, the most interesting thing is landing at Lukla airport. It is indeed the most adventurous. The short runway and altitude make it the most extreme airport in the world.

The Kathmandu Lukla Flight Weight Limit is just 15 kgIt includes your luggage as well as a day pack. Therefore, please make your luggage as light as possible. It is to ensure safety as well.

Where Can I Store my extra luggage during Everest Trekking?

Yes, the most crucial issue is your extra luggage. You can keep your extra luggage either in the office of Karma Eco Adventure Nepal. Moreover, you can keep it in your residing hotel in Kathmandu without extra charges. Additionally, travel less and tip more to your crew members. They are the ones who ensure your successful trip to the base camp of Everest.