A Guide to an Eco-friendly Trip to Nepal

A guide to an eco friendly trip to Nepal

A Trip to Nepal is one of the most momentous vacations. The mountains, culture and landscape of Nepal are the major attractions. Therefore, every year thousands of people visit this Himalayan nation. An increase in tourists is a good thing for the country. However, tourism increment brings hazards too. Nepal is facing lots of problems due to imbalanced touristic arrivals. As a responsible travel person, I am writing this blog. Let’s talk about a guide to an Eco-friendly trip to Nepal.

What is Eco Friendly?

Eco-friendly means carrying out activities without harming the environment. Moreover, it is the most important factor for the establishment of sustainable tourism. For example, using plastic products is not an Eco-friendly measure. It is really frustrating. As a travel organizer, I find it so painful to see garbage in tourist destinations. Therefore, I am on a mission to promote Eco-Friendly measures.

Karma Eco Adventure’s Eco-Friendly Trekking SOPs

Trekking is the most popular vacation activity to do in Nepal. It takes tourists to the base camp of numerous mountains. However, the encroachment of human beings has incurred a total loss on the destination. Therefore, we have come up with a strategy. Our way of organizing trekking is different.

Here are the lists of the things we do while organizing trekking in Nepal.

  • Trekkers can’t throw litter everywhere, they have to keep it in their bag or give it to a porter
  • Maximum use of local products
  • We avoid plastic products
  • Going a traditional way is the best option for sustainable tourism
  • Follow the traditional route and provide modern services

What can you do to support Eco-Friendly Vacations?

Come and visit Nepal. Moreover, your mere visit is a boon for Nepalese People. Additionally, tourism is the biggest source of national income. Therefore, come and visit as well as give back something to society.

  • Indulge in volunteering activities
  • Aware locals of sustainable tourism
  • Help us establish reusing the things
  • Share insights on your country’s Eco-Friendly measure

Karma Eco Adventure Nepal is serious about environmental issues. Moreover, we have the name of the company as ECO. Therefore, it is our duty to preserve Eco-Friendly measures while organizing trips.

I hope A Guide to an Eco-Friendly Trip to Nepal is helpful to you. However, there are numerous things we can do in Nepal. Let’s talk. Allow us to knit the itinerary which helps in maintaining sustainable tourism in Nepal. It is possible only when all the stakeholders come together. Tourism agencies, locals, and tourists must form together.