Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trekking

Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trekking

Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal is definitely not an ordinary trip. It is walking beyond five thousand meters in height. Moreover, above 5,000 meters from sea level is a completely Tundra Vegetation belt. Thin mountain air and no vegetation are the biggest allies of altitude sickness. Lots of trekkers get caught by the sickness at high altitudes. Therefore, Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trekking is a high priority. However, the news of Fake Helicopter Rescues during Everest Trekking in Nepal is trending. It is true that lots of trekking agencies in Nepal deliberately misled the trekkers. No wonder the Everest Helicopter Tour in Nepal is getting lots of attention these days.

The Necessity of Travel Insurance Everest Base Camp

During Everest Base Camp Trekking trekkers have to walk at high altitudes. If the itinerary of trekking is very short and fast-paced, the chances of altitude sickness are very high. Therefore, lots of trekkers become compelled to use helicopter rescue. The major trick to having successful and safe trekking at high altitudes is proper planning. The responsible trekking agency as a travel companion solves all the problems.

The cost might be slightly higher but it is safer and scam free. Despite the issues of fake helicopter rescue issues, insurance is highly necessary during the trek. Moreover, if a traveler is traveling to any high-altitude destination other than the Everest region also; insurance is a must.  Every traveler must be aware of the fact that the choice of Insurance Company must be genuine. The plan must include MEDICAL, HELICOPTER EVACUATION, and QUICK PORTER CARRYING DESCENT costs.

Find out the Fake Helicopter Rescue Facts Too !!

There are lots of things that all travelers must remember before buying an Insurance Plan. Trekking Agencies that intend to stage fake rescue plans often ask travelers to add the helicopter rescue at any cost. However, it is wise to suggest that if you are in the very good physical condition and you have a very standard itinerary it is not necessary.

What are the things to Include in my Travel Insurance Plan?

There are numerous ways to avoid high altitude sickness during Everest Base Camp Trekking. Lots of experienced trekking guides always prefer gradual yet uniform walks with lots of fluid intake. These trekking guides always counsel trekkers to eat food compulsorily. When you walk in a high-altitude landscape, your appetite decreases. Travelers then don’t eat food. This is the most dangerous thing to do while trekking at a high altitude. Eat, Drink and Rest. This is the best way to successfully complete the trek.

So, Is it Really Necessary to Take Travel Insurance? Yes, Travel Insurance is highly necessary. It gives immense confidence to all trekkers. Investment in Travel is an investment in you – Tarsen. Hard-earned money must be returned in every penny via travel experience. Insurance definitely helps you to raise your confidence level while traveling to a higher altitude.

Therefore, Travel Insurance for Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal is highly necessary.