Panch Pokhari

panch pokhari lake trekking in nepal

Panch Pokhari Lake (five ponds) is at an elevation of (4,100 m) the ninth wetland all around the world. It is situated on the lap of Dorjee Lakpa Himalaya, in the Sindhupalchok district. Panch Pokhari Lake is one of the newly opened off the beaten trekking trail and secret holy lakes for Buddhist and Hindu followers. Moreover, the entire inhabitants have visited this lake, occasion on Janai Purnima (full moon day), the month of July/August. However, During this holy pond, you will notice that traditional Buddhist prayer flags are installed on top of the trees to trees by Hyolmo/Yolmo peoples who believe will prevent demons from entering.

It is believed that the Panchpokhari lake (five ponds) was created by the trident of a Hindu deity Lord Shiva. According to mythology lord, Shiva used marijuana that originated from the tussle between God and demons which cause a lot of pain and hangover.  Likewise, After a huge struggle, he flew to the Himalayas in an effort to drink cold water to soothe his burning throat. After that, He cracked open the mountain and from where came the water and created this Panch Pokhari lake. Panchpokhari Trekking Trail is becoming very popular at this time in the Nepal trekking route.

Panch Pokhari The Historical Place in Sindhupalchowk

Panch Pokhari trekking route is an amazing journey through the untainted trail. This is a new trail launched by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal and the Tourism Board of Nepal in 2012. This trekking trail starts along with the drive from Kathmandu to Baruwa. Furthermore, the tea house/ lodges are not available on this trail so our highly experienced trekking cook will prepare the food and serve it to the guest as like on the other trails.

This trekking trail offers some incredible viewpoints the peak Dorjee Lakpa Himalaya(6,965 m), Phurbi Chhujyu (6,636 m), Madiya (6,257 m), Rowling, Lantang ranges, and Jugal Himal. Panch Pokhari is inclusive of cascading hills, raging Indrawati River, lush green forest of rhododendron, incense plants, Oak trees, rare species of birds like Lopophorus, monal, escalators monal, and many more animals.

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