Nepal Travel Tips and Things to Remember

Nepal Travel Tips And Things to remember before visit in Nepal

I am Andrew Evans from Greater Manchester UK. I am a frequent traveler and blogger. Among the most favored destinations, I have visited Nepal tops it all. This tranquil Himalayan nation has always won my heart. I have visited the country a dozen times and did some splendid trekking as well as tours around the country.

While writing for my journal upon searching on the internet I found out that lots of travelers are confused about the things to remember before traveling to Nepal. Therefore the whole article will try to focus on the basic things which travelers need to know about Nepal Travel Tips and Things to Remember before heading to Nepal.

Nepal Travel Tips and Things to Remember

Are you planning to visit Nepal? If yes then find out the information required for you before traveling to Nepal. In this article, you will find out the Nepal Travel Tips and Things to remember in some Nepal Travel Advisories. Nepal is really the cheapest destination to spend a quality vacation yet with splendid mountains to see and culture to experience.

Every year lots of travelers flock to this beautiful Himalayan nation. Most people travel during the months of September, October, and November in the autumn season and March, April and May in the spring season as these months are the Best Season to Visit Nepal.

The major source of income for the people of Nepal is foreign employment and tourism business. Therefore, there are numerous government policies that suit travelers as well. However, some travelers are still suspicious about their safety because of the devastating earthquake and decade-long civil war. To remind all the travelers who are planning to visit Nepal that Nepal is safe to travel to.

The country has the highest smile index ratio in the whole of Asia compared on par with the per capita income. This is a fact published in various international publications recently. The blogger wishes to share some of the essential things which travelers need Travel tips and things to remember before traveling to Nepal.

Responsible Trekking and Tour Agency (Company)

In order to enjoy the host nation’s attractions, travelers shouldn’t worry about the logistics and permits as well as guides. Therefore, for a remarkable tour in Nepal travelers should choose the responsible trekking and tour company in Nepal. Finding the right travel companion could be tricky but after some research, you will get the best packages in Nepal.

To make matters easy for you always ask to provide the government license and documents while enquiring about the trips with your agencies. Ensure the detailed includes and excludes in your package before confirming the trip. As a frequent traveler myself I would highly recommend the team of Karma Eco Adventure Nepal for any trips to Nepal.

Travel Insurance

If you want to do high-altitude trekking and adventure sports activities in Nepal then it is highly recommended that you obtain Insurance. For trekking like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Peak climbing voyages it is compulsory for you to take Insurance. Ensure that your insurance package includes high-altitude rescue and medical expenses. You never know when you get stuck by altitude sickness on these plains of Nepal. Therefore, getting insurance is a wise decision.

Vacation in the Best Season

Nepal is a diversified country and experiences four seasons. The country is divided into three geographical belts and four vegetation groups. Terai flatland possesses subtropical forests, the hilly region comprises temperate forests and the Himalayan belt possesses alpine as well as zero vegetation.

Weather is very unpredictable in most of the Himalayan belts. During the month of monsoon, it is highly recommended that you don’t travel to Nepal. However, during this time of the year the accommodation, food, and transportation are cheaper as compared to the peak season.

For the best scenery and climatic conditions, Autumn (September, October & November) and Spring (March, April & May) are considered excellent times to visit Nepal. If you visit this country during festivals then you will also be able to experience the authentic culture, traditions, and values of the people living in Nepal.

Don’t Carry Heavy and Unnecessary Things

It is highly advised that travel in less weight in Nepal. Earlier back in the 90s, there were very less teahouses and lodges in remote regions of Nepal. However, nowadays travelers can get safe and hygienic teahouses in some of the remote areas of Nepal. If you want to take various gadgets, clothes, and shoes then you can either buy or hire them in Kathmandu. Therefore, you don’t need to have extra luggage while traveling to Nepal.

Getting the Best Local Guides

Choosing the right trekking agencies or tour agencies will ensure the correct legal documents and permits as well as help to get accountable services to you. It may not guarantee the best guide for you. Getting the best guides will make or break your vacation.

If you go for trekking and tour of high altitude tourist destinations of Nepal like the Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region and Manaslu region always ask for government-licensed experienced guides. You can either directly book with the agencies or you can also hire a guide to the holiday destination.

There are numerous Nepal Travel Tips that travelers need to remember before traveling to Nepal. The tips which I listed on this blog are very simple yet essential.

There are other issues like drinking water, transportation, accommodation, food, and cultural values of people that should not be overlooked before traveling to Nepal. If you take care of the five things which I tried to explain then no one will stop you from creating the momentous holiday of your life absolutely hassle-free.

It is said that an investment in traveling is an investment in you and travel is the greatest University activity to learn life lessons without formal education. Therefore, I urge you to at least visit once to this wonderland of Mt. Everest and the Birthplace of Lord Buddha. You will be amazed to see such sumptuous essence of nature, the Himalayas and the hospitality of people in Nepal.