Everest Base Camp EBC Trek Cost Difficulty

Prayer Flags installed on the chaitya at Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trekking route in Nepal. Among many trekking routes to trek in Nepal, the Everest region tops all. There is much-misguided information about this trip though. Therefore, as a traveler, you need to know all the information before booking. Online scammers are widely active. This blog tries to present all available costs and difficulty levels of this trip. Know about Everest Base Camp EBC Trek cost difficulty. It helps. You can plan properly after reading this blog.

The Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

The cost of the EBC trek varies from agency to agency. You can do solo trekking on Everest Base Camp Trek Route. However, I strongly recommend you hire an agency. There are numerous pros. Trekking requires lots of planning. The cost of food, accommodation and transportation play a vital role in its success. Hiring an agency helps you to avoid these logistics hassles.

If you are traveling solo, it depends upon your own spending habit. However, solo trekkers in the Everest region are charged more in comparison to agency trekkers. During peak season, it is hard to get a good place to stay overnight.

There are luxury teahouses/lodges on the trail nowadays. You can trek lavishly or you can go spartan. Both of these categories of trekking are possible. Follow our packages of Everest Base Camp Budget Trek and Luxury Trek for more information.

What is the average cost of EBC Trek?

Luxury trek style costs you between $2100 to $2500. Moderate style with helicopter return flight costs you around $1600 to $1800. The regular price of EBC Trek ranges from $1100 to $1250. These are fully inclusive costs. You can choose to hire a guide and porter. Pay your food bill by yourself. This can be very cheap though. You can get a guide starting from $20 per day to $30 per day. If you need a specific language guide then the cost is higher. Porter’s salary ranges from $15  to $20 per day.

Expensive activity is the flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. It is hard to get the flight in the first place. Morning flights are considered the safest way to travel there. Therefore, there is high competition to get those. Hiring an agency solves that issue though. Get a good agency for the management of your trek.

The average daily budget for food and accommodation is $25 to $30. This budget allows you to get breakfast, room, lunch and dinner. Plan wisely. Attractions in the trail can make all your investment worthwhile though. In fact, it is a legend in itself. Leave your footprints at the base camp of Mt. Everest (8,848.86 m). It is truly amazing.

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty Level

Trekking at a high altitude is difficult. There is no doubt about this fact. However, if planned properly, it can go fairly easily too. So, How Difficult is the Everest Base Camp Trekking? In comparison to another trekking trail in Nepal, it is easy though. The trail is well-paved. There is not much uphill and downhill. The only hurdle is the high altitude.

Read our blog about how to avoid altitude sickness. It also gives you an idea about making your trek successful. Be fit. Have some confidence. Get Travel Insurance which covers helicopter rescue too. If you do these things, EBC Trek becomes easier.