Nepal Stops Visa on Arrival

Nepal Stops Visa on Arrival from 10th March 2020

Nepal Stops Visa on Arrival for These Mentioned Counties!

More than 60 countries worldwide have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, Nepal Government has temporarily decided to suspend the VISA ON ARRIVAL for the citizens of five countries. The government of Nepal has suspended the service to the people of countries like China, Iran, Italy, Korea, and Japan.

If you are traveling to Nepal please contact the embassy of Nepal or the Nepalese consulate in your country for the VISA. Earlier Nepal’s Visa Policy permitted people across the globe (barring some) could get a visa upon their arrival at Nepal Airport.

As per the cabinet meeting held on 2nd March, the Nepalese Government is taking precautionary action. Even if the virus outbreak is not an issue in Nepal, the state is taking preventive measures. The provision is in application starting from 10th March 2020 onwards until the government makes further notice.

Traveling to Nepal is not an issue. The country is free from any kinds of Corona Virus affected patients so far. Therefore, lots of foreign people are trying to get into the country. This has really compelled the Nepalese Government to take action immediately.

The people of these five countries are mandatorily required to attend the embassy for the visa. They are also required to submit the detailed latest health report too. Apart from the suspension of Visa on Arrival services the Nepal Airport is cautiously dealing with the inbound traffic. Travelers who arrive in Nepal might have to go through a security check as well as a thorough health check. They are required to provide their detailed trip plans too.

Karma Eco Adventure Nepal would like to wish for the speedy recovery of those affected. May this chaos of the Corona Virus Outbreak cools down soon.

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