How Costly is Trip in Nepal

How costly is trip in Nepal

Almost everyone travels or wishes to travel. Our traveling plans are sometimes hindered by economic issues. There are plenty of people who are willing to travel to Nepal. However, they are stuck by various questions. If every traveler pre-plans the costs then it is very affordable to do a Trip to Nepal.

How Costly is a Trip to Nepal in Autumn?

The country has diverse attractions as well as diverse rates for various trips. However, if you find the best and most reliable travel agency to plan your holiday, you can get the best price for a trip to Nepal. This is an article blog that features the basic costs of various services in Nepal. This blog might become very helpful for you to make a budget for a trip to Nepal.


The cost of accommodation in Nepal is diversified. Different cities, villages, and towns have different rates of lodging. Moreover, Travelers can get accommodation starting from the price of 10 dollars a day to hefty $200 dollars a day. The cost of lodging high in the Himalayas might be different according to the destination. It ranges from 3 dollars to 5 dollars a day. In popular trekking destinations, the price might range from $10 – $20 dollars a day.


Food costs in Nepal are very different and are diversely distributed. In large cities, travelers can choose different types of food and cuisine. The food cost depends on your choice. There are local restaurants as well as high-class fine dining restaurants. Likewise, The most famous food in Nepal is MOMO which costs about $1 on average. For typical Nepalese Dal, Bhat, Curry and Achar the cost is an average of $4. However, the cost of food in the high mountainous regions is slightly higher.


The cost of transportation in Nepal is the same almost everywhere. However, if you have to travel on hilly off-road the cost is slightly on the higher side. The internal flight to any destination for foreigners ranges from $100 to $200 dollars.  The local route transportation costs about $0.15 within the city and if outside the Kathmandu Valley it costs $10-$20. Taxi hire is about $10 for every 5-10 km within the city area.

Trekking guides/Porters:

Trekking Guides and porters cost depends upon your Travel Agency. The average cost of the English Speaking Guide is about $25-$30 a day. The porter’s average cost is $15-$20 a day. You will have to pay for their transportation as well.

Money Exchange and ATM Counters:

You can exchange the money at the airport. You can exchange the money at any exchange counters in major cities of Nepal as well as in banks. There are numerous ATM Counters from where you can withdraw the money as well.

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