Everest Trekking Trail

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Nowhere in the world will people find both natural wonders and cultural grandeur. Nepal is heaven for nature and culture admirers. There are numerous walking trails full of splendid vistas. Among magnificent trekking trails, Everest Trekking Trail is the most scenic walking trail in Nepal.

Himalayan wilderness, diverse vegetation and multi-ethnic culture are the major components of the trail. Exotic adventure is its synonym. The trail is in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The locale is an abode of the world’s tallest mountains like Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, etc.

Apart from the mountains, trekkers get the chance to experience the Sherpa villages nestled at the lap of the Himalayas. Himalayan terrain and green lush forests of different styles are comparable to fairyland. Glacial rivers, waterfalls and lakes make trekkers feel as if they are parts of an artistic canvas.

What makes Everest Trekking the most scenic walking Trail in Nepal?

Here are a few reasons why the trail is very scenic.

Cascading Hills

Trekkers start their Everest Trekking trail journey from Lukla. Once trekkers take the flight from Kathmandu the scenery seen from the plane is outstanding. You will not see the airstrip until you reach very nearby it. The plane glides through a narrow valley between two gigantic hills.

Upon landing at Lukla trekkers will have a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. The town is located in the middle of a hill facing the green lush hill on the opposite side and snowcapped mountains in far sight. Once trekkers trek higher the hilly landscapes are seen in cascading shape. The hills after hills are seen very far having clouds around them surely galvanizes one’s soul. It is definitely a photographer’s paradise.

Snowcapped Mountains

Everest Trekking Trail is among those trekking trails of Nepal which has more than 20 mountains in close vicinity. These mountains are not ordinary rather they are the top/highest mountains in the world. The world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest is also on this trekking trail.

The chronological order of the mountains seen on this trail is as follows: Kangtega (6,782 m),  Kusumkangaru (6,367 m),  Thamserkhu (6,623 m), Kwangde (6,011m), Tabuche (6,542 m), Amadablam (6,812 m) – Island (6,189 m), Cholatse (6,440 m),  Lobuche (6,119 m),  Pumori (7,161 m), Everest (8,848 m),  Lhotse (8,516 m), Nuptse (7,861 m) etc. These are prominent mountains seen on the trail. However, there are more mountains named and unnamed ones on this trail.

Sherpa Villages & Monasteries on Hills

The sight of the clustered villages and monasteries on the foothill of mountains is truly blissful. This is definitely as beautiful as a landscape painting. Prayer flags and colorful monasteries erected at the foothill of the mountain provide a sight to behold.

Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls

Swift glacial rivers coming out of mountains and passing by the narrow valleys definitely enchants all. Furthermore, Gigantic waterfalls and a blue turquoise lake offer a great chance to revitalize the tardy soul. It offers the magnificent sight of wonderful elements of Mother Nature. During childhood, all of us might have drawn the waterfall coming out of a hill and serpent-like river down the valleys. Exactly the same scenery is seen on this trail.

Diverse Vegetation

Everest Trekking Trail is rich in vegetation too. There are three different types of forests that trekkers can relish. Temperate forests in the early phase of the trail and alpine in the middle phase of the trail are found. Tundra vegetation is five-thousand-meter in height.

Therefore, trekkers can get the sight of three different styles of vegetation. Moreover, green lush forests, as well as the forests of rhododendron, make it vivacious. The Everest Trekking trail is truly full of visual delight. All these natural wonders and cultural grandeurs make the Everest Trekking Trail the most scenic walking trail in Nepal.