Eco Adventure Tours Nepal

Eco Adventure Tours Nepal

Eco Adventure Tours Nepal is a sustainable way of traveling. It is the demand of current tourism. Lots of unplanned tourist arrivals have encroached on the nature of Nepal. Last year lots of international Media reported about the traffic jam on Mount Everest (8,848 m) and the garbage accumulation up in the Himalayas. Slowly the environment of Nepal is deteriorating especially up in the mountains. Lots of tourism experts, entrepreneurs, environment activists and the Nepal Government are planning to control the pollution in Nepal. It is high time already. The garbage in the Everest region is a well-known example. Furthermore, numerous tourist places in Nepal are becoming the victim of crowded tourism.

Ecotourism Research in Nepal

The major solution to avoid natural destruction and environmental pollution is the policy of Eco Adventure Tours Nepal. Therefore, the young tourism workers are promoting touristic activities with the slogan of Eco Adventure Tours Nepal. There are numerous activities that travelers can perform in Nepal organized in an Eco-friendly way. This is the only way to achieve sustainable tourism in Nepal. The country is highly dependent on Tourism after Remittance. Lots of people are getting employment via the tourism business. It is the responsibility of all to protect the nation.

What measures to taken to create Eco Adventure Nepal?

  • Here are the few guidelines which all must follow:
  • Discourage the usage of plastic equipment and bags
  • Use of Disposable utensils and apparatuses
  • Garbage Bag during Trekking
  • Compulsory return of all the garbage created by the touring members during the entire trip
  • Encouragement and Subsidies to Eco-Friendly Trip Routes charges

All the tourism workers (Guide, Porters & Sherpa) must be given training about environmental conservation. Moreover, The local people must protect their tourist destination. The livelihood of the local people depends on the tourism business. Therefore, people must take the initiative regarding the measures to promote the Eco Adventure Tours Nepal concept. Apart from the tourism workers and locals, the Nepal Government must act promptly on this. Controlled tourism is a much-needed solution.

Dear travelers, tourism workers and locals please leave your footprints and take pictures. Please help us to conserve the magnificent nature of Nepal. Together let’s keep this splendid Himalayan nation as beautiful as ever.