Drive Manthali Airport and Fly to Lukla

Drive Manthali airport and fly to Lukla via Kathmandu valley

Nepal is one of the top-rated tourist destinations during the peak seasons. With the number of tourists doubling every year, airports tend to get jam-packed. To remove the issue of airport availability, the flight to Lukla has started from Manthali airport.

Yes, Manthali airport (474m) lies at Ramechhap which has gained great attention in recent times. The diverting of the planes from Kathmandu to Ramechhap and towards Lukla has provided a different dimension even for the tourists to enjoy.

During the peak climbing and trekking season, Lukla is one of the most visited and busiest airports in the country. So diverting the Kathmandu Lukla flight through Manthali is something brilliant to talk about. In this blog, we will focus majorly on the Drive Manthali Airport and Fly to Lukla (flight) pattern.

Reasons for diverting Lukla’s Flight to Manthali

A lot of the trekking enthusiasts and tourists will be interested to know the reason for diverting the Lukla flight to Manthali. During the peak trekking season of spring and autumn, flight congestion is massive in Kathmandu. With Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) being the only international airport, the flight numbers are massive.

The major trekking seasons are March to May and September to November. Therefore to minimize the tension at the airport, the concept of diverting to Manthali came through.

However, this doesn’t mean all the flights are diverted from Kathmandu. There are still some flights that tend to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. But it could be overcrowded in the peak seasons.

There is no online process to book these flights. The best and most dependable option is to book tickets through the local agency. If you aren’t able to do so getting the direct flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is tough.

Details about Manthali Airport and Ramechhap

Ramechhap district is part of Bagmati province which cuts through Dhulikhel. Since the flight divert concept has come through, the talk about Ramechhap and Manthali airport has taken the flight.

It covers an area of 1546 km and is well populated with Bhramin, Chhetri, and Tamang. Unlike Kathmandu, Ramechhap (RHP) is different as they didn’t have luxury hotels in the past. However, things have changed at the times.

Tourists have an option to stay in well-facilitated hotels. With AC, clean drinking water and better food, Ramechhap is better known for adapting to the new coming tourists.

Similarly, Manthali airport (474m) is located at the headquarters of Ramechhap on the banks of the Tamakoshi River. The name for the place from the native Majhi tribe which resided at Ramechhap.

After landing in Kathmandu, tourists can either take the roadway route to reach Ramechhap. People who aren’t interested in doing so can take the direct Helicopter flight to Ramechhap which is quite expensive and easily available.

Now talking about the accommodation and food facility in Ramechhap, we suggest you not expect more. Manthali is a small village with tourists flowing on only recently.

You will need to adjust to the accommodation and even food at times which might be a problem when travelling. But compared to the past facilities have been brilliant for trekkers and tourists.

With the flight rate increasing in the future we can even expect more hotels in the place. You can connect through our portals to get better services in Manthali.

Benefits of flying from Ramechhap Manthali to Lukla

In the past, the flights from Kathmandu to Lukla could be tiring at times. With so many flights taking off to different locations, the airport used to be major chaos. However, with the emergence of the Manthali-Lukla flight, there are plenty of advantages that have come through.

There have been plenty of cases when flights from Kathmandu to Lukla have been canceled due to bad weather. This will bring in disappointment for the international tourist. However same is not the case with the Ramechhap Manthali Lukla flight.

Likewise, the flight journey of Ramechhap-Lukla is only 20 minutes so plenty of flights can take off in a single day. You wouldn’t need to differentiate another day for like Kathmandu-Lukla flight which is a proper benefit.

Meanwhile, Manthali airport isn’t massively crowded like Kathmandu as the flights only operate for Lukla. However, there is a slight issue with the Ramechhap-Lukla flight.

You would need to be ready at 2 am if you want to catch the Lukla flight from Manthali. Henceforth slight sleep needs to be compromised for less crowd and hassle.

Cost of Manthali to Lukla Flight Service

If you had come this far you would have known the fact that Manthali-Lukla is a domestic smaller flight. Having said that there won’t be much of an issue during the flight.

Most of the time the flight used is Dornier Do 228 or Twin Otter. As the journey of the trek is short it is scenic when you get to the flight.

Depending on your nationality the cost of the flight from Manthali to Lukla differs. Talking about the cost a foreigner will have to pay $180. Similarly, an Indian citizen will have to pay Rs 11,500.

In the end, the cost for a domestic tourist will be Rs 6820 to reach Lukla from Manthali. When you land at Lukla it is a small runway beside a steep hill. For some of the tourist, this landing could be quite scary.

Alternative Route Options for Lukla Flight

If the tourist isn’t interested in taking the flight from Manthali to Lukla, there is another option to book a helicopter service.

This particular service will take you to Lukla directly from Kathmandu. The helicopter service is quicker and more pleasant compared to a domestic flight from Manthali.

However, the price of the helicopter service can be on the higher side. It would cost you between $450-$550 which is quite expensive. But if you aren’t someone who compromises on luxury this is the way to go.

Lastly, if you have plenty of time on your holiday you can also use the roadway to reach Lukla. Private vehicles from Kathmandu reach Thamdanda in Solukhumbu.

From Thamdanda you can reach Jiri and also have the option of trekking to Lukla (2860m) through the Everest Base Camp route. A private jeep would cost you around $200. What’s the concerning factor is an 8-hour ride on the road.