Baruwa Yolmo Village is one of the most beautiful and remote area which is nestled on the laps of panchpokhari lake and Dorjee Lakpa Himalaya. It is one of the  nearest village of Kathmandu city among those seventy five districts of all over in Nepal. In this village has fourteen monasteries, where Buddhist monks draped in brown robe is common sighting.

Baruwa Panch Pokhari is one the complete off the beaten trekking trail village in Nepal. Moreover, that is inclusive of cascading hills, ranging rivers, lush green forest of rhododendron, various kinds of incense plants, rare species of birds, animals and some irascible view points. Baruwa Panch Pokhari is culturally rich destination although it is pilgrimage tour for Buddhist followers. Likewise, This place is melting pot mixed race, however from beginning of the footpath you will observed Mani wall, chortens, prayers flags, and traditional wall made by Hyolmo / Yolmo peoples who believe will prevent demons from entering.

Gateway of Panch Pokhari Lake Trekking

The core inhabitants of Baruwa are known as the Hyolmo/Yolmo’s they are as well known as Tamang and Sherpa’s. This is the second place after Everest region where tamang and Sherpa’s are to be found. These settlers descended down in Nepal in 15th century and scattered around helambu region. Baruwa as well considered holy and pilgrims flock from globe around the pay homage.

It is believed that one of the highly regarded poetic yogis namely Milarepa have had meditated in this holy land. Furthermore the houses of this village have built up by the stone, mud and wood. Agriculture, animal husbandry, weaving carpet and painting Thanka are the major occupation of the peoples of this village. Deepawali and Dashain are the rare festivals even though all inhabitants will focus to celebrate Loshar festival as well.

On Saturday 25th of April in 2015 a massive 7.8 magnitude an earthquake similarly aftershock 12th of May 2015 magnitude of 7.3earthquake had mainly affected, the central district Sindhupalchok, as we compare with other districts. As of result, the high death rate was from this place among the 79 villages. Baruwa was affected by this destructive earthquake losing more than 130 peoples and about 200 injured and around 745 houses were totally destroyed.