Dolpa Region

Dolpa region

Dolpa region lies in the largest district of Nepal namely Dolpa itself. The district is considered as the largest in the country with an area of 7889 square kilometers. Despite being the largest districts, it is one of the most remotest terrains of the country and very sparsely populated. The topography of Dolpa region is very interesting. It is known as a kingdom beyond himalayas for the region that it is one of the regions which lies behind the high mountain range of Nepal. Being so, the land receives very less rain and hence is desertified like its Tibetan counterparts.

Dolpa region shares its borders with autonomous region of Tibet and hence, is a restricted area and requires a special permit. The region is explored relatively very less and only few thousand people trek in this region in a year. Not many know that this region holds the deepest lakes in Nepal and the deepest high altitude lake in the world namely Shey Phoksundo. High hills, lakes, fall and the harsh weather makes the terrain of Dolpa one of the most inhospitable terrains in Nepal but also a rare beauty which is absolutely mesmerizing.

This remote and stunning corner of the Himalayas is bound by Dhaulagiri at one end and Churen Himal on the other. Because of its inaccessibility because of the high hills and passes, this region has been left on its own for centuries and even in the modern day. Much of Dolpa land is protected by the Shey Phoksundo National park and it is as well the largest protected area in Nepal. Some rare culture and traditional villages are housed in this region. The Bon people, who are only to be found in Dolpa and who are limited to handful of villages here carry out their ancient ritual and practices. As a result, you will as see some fantastic Gompas and monasteries which is believed to possess mystical and magical powers. The main transportation in this region is still the yak and hence, yak caravans are not rare sightings.

In terms of flora and fauna, the land is very dry and arid and is limited to very less vegetation. Although the people’s main occupation is farming, the farming is limited to potato, barley and millet. The animal species on the other hand is as well very rare. Dolpa is believed to be the real deal when it comes to spotting the shy snow Leopard. All in all, Dolpo region is a very rich destination in terms of culture, religion and trek. If you wish to trek in this region please click here!

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